How I Reduced My Target Budget From $100 per Trip to $25 per Month

How I Reduced My Target Budget From $100 per Trip to $25 per Month


If you’re addicted to Target like I am, it’s always been the one place I loved to shop that I was guaranteed to spend at least $100. Every. Single. Trip. When you can go to one place and buy groceries, sheets, diapers and a new case for your phone, I mean, is there any other way to do it? The answer is yes, YES there is! I wish I had learned all of these little tricks sooner, but YOU have the opportunity to start them all RIGHT NOW! Here is a quick, short list of everything I have done to reduce the amount of money I give to Target each month….but still buy the things that I need for my household – and then some!

1. Only go to Target when I have at least 3 things to buy….
Making a trip to Target for just one item is asking just asking for trouble, especially with kids in tow. So if you have to go there to buy one thing, think 1. Do you really need it right now? and 2. Is there anywhere else you can buy it for about the same price at any other store. Seriously, this will save you! Make it a goal to make a Target trip only once or twice per month, and only if its absolutely necessary.

2. I use money-earning apps that allow Target gift cards for cashing out. 
One of the first money-earning apps I ever used was Shopkick which let you earn “kicks” that you can redeem for Target gift cards (and many others).  There’s two ways you can earn “kicks”  – 1.  You can scan items in stores to earn “kicks” and also by just walking into stores (Refer to #1 and NOT Target), 2. You can also walk right out of the store once your ShopKick app registers that you’ve been in the store. If you link your credit card, you can also earn kicks with purchases you make, but remember, the goal here is NOT to use your own payment method and eventually only pay with gift cards. Once you earn 2500 Kicks you can redeem them for a $10 gift card. You can also refer your friends and family to earn a percentage of their kicks when they first download the app. Score! Ibotta is also another app that lets you cash out for Target gift cards, starting at $25. BerryCart is another one offering redemption at $5 for Target gift cards.

3. Use, love and master the  Target Cartwheel app!
It’s free and it offers additional discounts to reduce the amount of your Target shopping trip and now allows you to accumulate points when you use Cartwheel that gives you rewards for using it. In other words, you earn rewards for redeeming discounts – can’t get much better than that!

4. Combine all of these methods with the use of newspaper and printable coupons
My favorite “Best Deals” sites for identifying coupon deals at Target are Krazy Coupon Lady and Hip2Save. And you can print most of the suggested coupons from my website! 

5. Shop Target Clearance
And last but not least, shopping Target clearance is always my favorite thing to do. Checking the back end caps for marked down items and searching the clearance sections on And don’t forget, you can use coupons on tops of the clearance price to reduce your overall cost. (affiliate link below)

It may take a few months to fill up your wallet with Target gift cards, but don’t get discouraged, IT WILL HAPPEN if you follow each of these steps with consistency!


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